We need to raise Muslim scholars here in the west, of the west, both male and female, who can shake and shape this world,” says Shaykh Yusuf Ziya Kavacki, Founding Dean of Suffa.

With a Rapidly growing Muslim presence in the west, a center for Islamic education and research has become a necessity. By helping us lay this foundation now, we can ensure that the future generations will have native scholars and leaders who are capable of tackling the challenges that face American Muslims.

Suffa Islamic Seminary aims to train and develop morally sound and intellectually creative scholars, leaders, and Imams through an integrated, Arabic-medium study of Classical Islamic texts and modern social theories so that they will serve, guide, and advance Muslim communities.

“When individuals are enlightened with the science scholarship of Islam, through a guided study of the classical Arabic literature, they develop an understanding attachment that enables them to apply Islam in practical productive ways ….”